The Real Reasons

Why People Buy

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Along with sales, marketers primarily gauge their performance by measuring awareness and brand attributes ratings in surveys.



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The brain’s emotional systems can function independently from the cortex, the seat of consciousness. Therefore memories and response repertoires can be formed without us ever knowing.

We see with our brains not just our eyes.

Our unconscious minds have learned to associate the color with a feeling. This is why Coke Clear and Crystal Pepsi failed in the early 1990s. People didn’t prefer clear cola, because the rich brown hue of cola is steeped in fond memories that color our beliefs not just the drink.

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The evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller believes that humans display brands like proud peacocks exhibit their tail feathers, as "fitness indicators" that advertise their potential as mates. Peacocks spread their intricate plumage to imply their natural beauty.

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When associations shift so do market shares because we learn and make decisions through vast neural networks of associative memory.

Many industry experts consider the most brilliantly successful ad campaign of all time: the revered and reviled Marlboro Man.