The Real Reasons

Why People Hate Their Content Management Systems

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Content Management Systems ease the life of users dealing with publishing and distributing content on websites as well as managing the content, arranging it, proofreading, updating and so on. Thejoy and excitement of using a CMS wears off very eventually and users get upset with systems that may create new issues.



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Another point that makes people dislike the CMS in use is a huge discrepancy between the system they expected and the real one.

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Its really hard to ecide what featurs might be useful in the future.

An examination of the available plug-ins and architecture of a CMS is a good indicator of whats important.

Wordpress is great if the only types of pages you need are prmarily a single Blog.

Drupal's Multiple Content Types and allows for blogs and and still has the flexibility to add other content types in the future.

There are over 29,000 plug-ins for Wordpress. There are over 30,000 free modules available for Drupal.